Simone Ducrou

Real Estate Agent, Belle Property Killcare


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Simone’s passion for real estate started at a very early age, and you might say at her father’s knee. For the last 40 years, her family has owned flagship agencies in Surry Hills and Newtown, providing her with a deep and thorough understanding of the business with a diverse and evolving client base. She's a licensed agent who specialises in matching just the right property to the most particular of clients by listening intently to all their needs.

It’s a process she’s honed over years in both the corporate and real estate spheres. After working in real estate sales in Newtown, Simone worked in the tourism sector, traveling extensively as a manager of a major international travel agency and winning numerous awards in that position. With four languages under her belt, she headed one of Mexico’s most robust tourist markets in Playa del Carmen to set up her own real estate agency, selling luxury investment properties to an international clientele.

Along the way, Simone has bought, renovated and flipped a number of properties – she has a thorough understanding of both the emotional and financial issues connected with buying and selling; her focus and confidence keep every aspect of the journey on track, with results that regularly exceed her clients’ expectations.

A licensed estate agent, Simone’s background is a great fit for Belle’s Terrigal office; you’ll simply not find an agent with a better understanding of investment properties and the residential real estate market in this thriving coastal suburb.

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