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How to transform your rental property with home decor.

Caption: Mallory Interior’s renter-friendly DIY design project completely transformed her space. Photo credit: Mallory Interiors; Veronica Crawford; Emily Edith Bowser.

When renting a property there’s a delicate balance between personalising your place and adhering to landlord rules. As a tenant, it’s easy to feel like you’re living in someone else’s space but with just a few creative touches, some styling tips and updates to your home decor, you can transform your rental into a cozy sanctuary that truly feels like home. In this blog, we explore some modern updates to home interiors and ideas that will help to elevate your space and take it to the next level.

Making your rental feel like a modern home.

Before diving into styling your rental, take a moment to reflect on what makes a space feel like home to you. Is it cozy lighting, vibrant colours or maybe a touch of greenery? Understanding your preferences will guide your styling decisions when it comes to home decor, ensuring that your rental reflects your unique personality.

Overcoming landlord restrictions.

One of the challenges of renting is navigating the limitations imposed by landlords or property managers. However, there are plenty of temporary solutions that allow you to personalise your space without causing any damage or violating your lease agreement.

Styling your rental with home decor.

When it comes to styling your home interior, creativity is key. Look for innovative and modern solutions home decor that elevate your space and make it feel truly yours.

i. Battery-powered lighting: Say goodbye to harsh overhead lighting and hello to ambient illumination with battery-powered pendant lights or hallway lighting. These versatile fixtures are easy to install and are a modern way to instantly enhance and elevate the mood in any room without damaging the walls.

Caption: Mallory Interiors made this entire bedhead and wall backdrop using renter-friendly wallpaper and fabric. The pendant lighting was also a DIY project using removable ceiling hooks and a pendant lighting kit.

ii. Indoor Plants: Plants are a fantastic way to infuse your rental with life and character. Not only do plants add visual interest to your space, but they also improve air quality and create a sense of tranquillity. Opt for low-maintenance varieties like monstera plants, peace lilies or succulents to add that touch of greenery.

iii. Portable home decor: Focus on portable decor items that can easily be moved from one rental to another. Consider investing in statement furniture pieces, such as a special armchair or a stylish rug, that can anchor the room and add personality without the need for permanent installation.

iv. Accessorise: Don’t overlook the power of accessories and home decor when styling your rental. Decorative cushions, blankets or throws can enhance the overall look and feel of your place, making it warm and inviting. Decor does no damage to the property and can move with you from home to home. Plus, with affordable home decor ranges in a variety of different stores there is something to suit every budget.

Caption: It’s amazing how simple styling accessories can transform your space to become uniquely yours. A bold lamp, plant and simple wall art are easy transformative wins.

v. Art: Integrating art into your rental space is a fantastic way to add personality and character to the environment without violating landlord regulations. Most leases prohibit tenants from drilling holes in the walls to hang artwork, but thankfully, removable, self-adhesive hooks offer a practical solution. Before hanging any artwork, it's essential to verify the weight of the item and the capacity of the hook to prevent damage to the walls. It’s worth noting that artwork doesn't necessarily need to be hung. Your favourite pieces can make a striking statement when displayed on a fireplace mantel, a shelf, or even on the floor, leaning against the wall. By exploring creative alternatives to traditional wall mounting, you can showcase your art collection while maintaining the integrity of your rental space.

Caption: Believe it or not, this is the same nook. A DIY lounge nook with underneath storage can be packed up and moved to your next rental, whilst the gallery wall are all achievable using renter-friendly adhesive hooks. Always anchor the space with a textured rug to bring it all together.

vi. Curtains: When it comes to upgrading the look of the windows in your rental, curtains offer a versatile solution to cover unsightly blinds and add a touch of style to your space. Consider using temporary curtain rods, which can be easily installed and removed without causing damage to the walls. By selecting curtains in fabrics and colours that complement your home decor, you can instantly elevate the ambience of any room while maintaining flexibility for future changes.

vii. Temporary Wallpaper: Temporary wallpaper provides an excellent opportunity to enhance the aesthetic appeal of your rental space without the commitment of permanent changes. Whether you choose a bold pattern to create a focal point or a subtle textured wallpaper to add depth, temporary wallpaper offers endless possibilities for personalising your home interior. By applying wallpaper to one feature wall or incorporating it throughout the space, you can introduce visual interest and express your unique style whilst adhering to landlord rules.

Caption: If you want to elevate your bathroom to the next level, why not try some bold wallpaper? Adding different textual elements and personalising the space with your own art, plants and accessories will make your rental bathroom oh so much more inviting.

viii. Multi-functional furniture: Consider the best way to maximise the space and functionality with multi-functional furniture pieces. That means looking for items like storage ottomans, sofa beds or nesting tables that offer versatility without sacrificing space. These pieces not only serve a practical purpose but also add personality to your rental and can modernise your home.

ix. Embrace natural elements: Incorporating natural elements into your rental decor is a sure way to create a sense of harmony. By adding woven rattan accents, wooden furniture, or stone accessories you can bring warmth and texture to your space. The touch of organic materials evokes a sense of connection to nature and can instantly elevate the overall aesthetic of your home’s interior.

From incorporating modern home decor to embracing natural elements, there are endless possibilities for making your space feel like home. Before you do anything, always check what is allowed in your tenancy agreement and if you’re ever in doubt, make sure to contact your property manager. By considering different ways to style your rental with home decor, you can create a beautiful space that feels uniquely yours, even in a temporary setting.