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How to prepare for a property appraisal.

Getting an up-to-date assessment of your home’s current market value is crucial if you are considering selling or refinancing, or even if you just want a clear picture of your overall financial position.  Most good real estate agents will offer complimentary property appraisals – do your research to find someone with a good understanding of the dynamics of your local market and experience in successfully selling similar homes to yours.

When it comes to getting your home appraised, like when listing it for sale, it’s important to present it in its best light. Get the most out of your valuation with our guide on how to prepare for a property appraisal.

Optimise kerb appeal.

The agent carrying out your appraisal will be paying close attention to how your property looks from the street – its kerb appeal. Your home’s exterior will be the first thing potential buyers will see, and can heavily influence their feelings towards a property, so optimising your home’s kerb appeal is a no-brainer when selling.

Whether you’re in a house or an apartment be sure to fully tidy and declutter external areas, clearing and weeding the garden and mowing lawns where needed. Don’t forget to clean windows and around doors, paying particular attention to any areas collecting cobwebs.

Simple ways to boost kerb appeal before your appraisal include:

  • Ensure your house number is visible from the street 
  • Check outside lights are working
  • Move garbage bins and garden tools out of sight
  • Ensure any outdoor furniture or play equipment is clean and in good repair; remove anything broken or shabby-looking
  • Hide any pet equipment such as bowls or toys

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Whether you have a small patch of greenery or a garden oasis, keeping the garden well pruned and tidy will add to the overall appeal of your property.

Tidy and clean.

It goes without saying that on the day of the appraisal your home should be looking its best. Thoroughly clean and tidy every room beforehand, making sure windows are sparkling clean and streak-free. 

Make rooms look more spacious by decluttering and depersonalising as much as possible, removing unnecessary items from surfaces like counters, windowsills and tables. Open curtains and blinds to maximise available light and help rooms feel more airy.

If you have one, make sure the pool is crystal clear and its surroundings look as fresh and inviting as possible.

Decluttering and depersonalisation of your space is a must when it comes to appraisals. Be sure to add simple styling touches around the home, and if you have a pool, make sure it is crystal clear and garden surrounds are tidy. Image credit: Left: Vellum Interiors Right: YSG Studio

Fix any minor issues.

An important aspect of preparing for the appraisal is demonstrating how well you’ve cared for your property and making sure everything is in good repair and working order.

It’s easy to get used to overlooking things we see every day, so take a good look around and try and see your home with the eyes of an outsider. Watch out for things that could be easily improved upon like marks on walls, floors and skirting boards that can be removed or touched up with paint, as well as outdated minor fittings that could be easily replaced for a more updated look. It’s also a good idea wherever possible to make sure minor repairs are completed prior to the appraisal.

If you are considering undertaking major repairs or renovations, it is worth waiting for the appraisal where your agent should be able to share their insights on whether such an investment would be warranted.

Style it up.

Interior furnishings, while cosmetic, can make a huge difference to a home’s look and feel. Consider adding new lounge cushions and hanging matching towels in bathrooms, along with carefully selected plants, flowers or a fresh fruit bowl to help create a homely and welcoming environment.  

Have a good look around and make sure your furniture is arranged in such a way that it maximises the available space and helps the property ‘flow.’

Finish off your home with simple styling features to make your home inviting. Fresh bed linen and matching bathroom towels are simple things which can add to the appeal of your home. Image credit right: Claudia Lambert Interiors.

List any improvements you’ve made.

Note down any new additions you have made to the property. Tell your agent about repairs or renovations you’ve had done (you may also like to show them invoices if you have them). This information will be considered in the appraisal and reflected in your property report.

Have your paperwork ready.

Check with the agent beforehand as to any paperwork they may need to see on the day – such as the building or floor plans – to ensure your appraisal is as relevant and accurate as possible.

Focus on what you can control.

There are many factors other than the condition of the exterior and interior of the property that inform an evaluation of your home’s potential sales price. Many of these elements will be beyond your control – such as its size, type, or location plus what’s happening in the local market – so don’t lose sleep over the appraisal process or outcome. Instead, focus your time and energy on ensuring your property shines before the appraisal, and if you decide to list, your sale.


Taking time to implement these tips will enable you to get the most benefit from your property appraisal. And remember that once you select an agent to list with, they will be on hand throughout the sale process with expert guidance on successfully showcasing your home to secure the right price.  

Belle Property agents have in-depth property market knowledge and are highly skilled in providing up-to-the-minute property appraisals for all types of homes. Contact us today to arrange your complimentary property appraisal.  

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