Rose Mackay

Property Manager, Belle Property Killcare


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The term ‘concierge’ has been turning up quite a bit lately in the luxury holiday market; it promises a level of support that one naturally expects in a 5-star resort, but is rarely available in private letting. For most companies, it’s simply a marketing slogan, yet delivering on that pledge is a bit more complicated than producing glossy marketing brochures. Belle Killcare has decided to up the ante considerably; we’ve engaged Rose Mackay to personally supervise and coordinate our concierge offering and to deliver premium service for every aspect of the guest experience. Rose taps into a deep reservoir of engagement in both government and corporate spheres, with over a dozen years honing her customer-focused skills and tackling complex projects with multiple stakeholders - all qualities that she now employs for our property owners and their guests. Friendly and welcoming, Rose makes every holiday effortless – she focuses on all the details, ensuring a postcard-perfect holiday that frees everyone up for some serious R&R.

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