Raquel Centeno

Operations Manager, Belle Property Cairns


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Having worked alongside Principal Nicholas Slatyer for many years, initially as part of Belle Property Port Douglas, and then across different franchise groups, Raquel Centeno is pleased to be back as part of the Belle Property group.

As the office manager and Nicholas' right-hand woman, there's not much that happens in the office that Raquel doesn't know about. Her varied role sees her responsible for everything from administration management, HR, IT and finance to internal training, systems and procedures. It is this variety and fast pace that Raquel thrives on, and enjoys most about her job. "It's also a very happy environment to work in" she says. "We've all worked together for a long time and all get along. It's a great place to work."

Outside work Raquel enjoys keeping active. She loves to ski, and a is a keen paddle boarder, who can be found out riding the waves at Cairns Northern Beaches and Port Douglas most weekends.

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