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Embrace Hygge: Danish interior design.

Hygge (who-guh) is a Scandinavian word describing the quality of cosiness and comfort that elicits a feeling of contentment.

Winter, with its colder weather and shorter days, can often make our homes feel less inviting. However, by embracing the Danish interior design concept of 'Hygge,' you can transform your house into a cosy sanctuary, even during the chilliest months. This lifestyle movement not only creates a warm and welcoming atmosphere but also fosters a sense of comfortability, perfect for those colder winter nights.

What is Hygge, and why is it perfect for winter?  

Hygge, a Danish word that encapsulates the essence of cosy contentment, is especially fitting for winter. It's about crafting a home that's not just a physical space but a haven for peace and relaxation, a place where you can truly unwind.

By infusing Hygge into your home decor, you can create an environment that warmly embraces anyone, making them feel instantly at ease and comfortable. This is perfect for those cold winter nights when the desire for warmth and security is heightened.

Pair a modern timber aesthetic with warm natural elements like these ceramic vases.

Easy Hygge decor tips.  

Throws and cushions

Add comfort layers with plush throws and cushions to enhance the cosy vibe. Consider choosing materials like wool, faux fur and knitted fabrics that invite a touch of warmth. You could even drape a luxurious throw over the back of a sofa and pile up cushions in different textures and neutral tones to create an inviting seating area that beckons relaxation.  

Natural elements

Incorporate specific natural materials such as a wooden coffee table, a stone fireplace, and potted plants. These elements add to the aesthetic and create a connection to nature, which is a crucial aspect of Hygge.  

To add to the organic and homely feel, consider using specific items, like wicker baskets for storage and wooden trays for serving hot beverages. 


Incorporate cosy textiles throughout the home, including throws and cushions. A thick, woven rug can make a cold floor feel warm and inviting. Layering rugs can also add visual interest and depth to a room. Use heavy curtains to add warmth and keep the cold out while providing a soft, inviting look.

Warm colours

While Hygge often employs a neutral colour palette, incorporating warm colours like soft greys, beiges, and earthy tones can add to the cosy feeling. Use these colours in your textiles, wall colours, and accessories to create a harmonious and soothing environment.


To create a soothing environment, use a combination of natural light and soft, warm lighting. Open curtains and blinds during the day to let in as much natural light as possible. In the evening, use lamps and string lights to create a gentle, warm glow that makes the space feel inviting.


Candles are a staple of Hygge decor. They provide soft, warm lighting that instantly makes a room feel more inviting. Place them strategically around your home to highlight key areas. Consider grouping candles of varying heights on coffee tables, mantels, and windowsills to create a charming and tranquil ambience.


Incorporate pleasant scents into your home to enhance the cozy atmosphere. Consider using essential oil diffusers with calming scents like lavender, vanilla, or cinnamon. You can also use scented candles to add both light and a pleasant aroma.

Outdoor space

Remember to extend the Hygge feeling to outdoor areas. Even in winter, you can create a cozy outdoor space with a fire pit, comfortable seating, and warm blankets. String lights can add a magical touch to patios and gardens, making them inviting even in colder weather.

Personal touches
Adding personal touches like family photos, favourite books, and cherished items can infuse your home with a sense of belonging and warmth. These unique touches make your home truly yours, creating a living experience that is both enjoyable and comfortable.

Embracing Hygge in your home decor is simple and affordable. By adopting the Hygge lifestyle, you can create a snug and welcoming environment just in time for winter. 

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