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Our blog.

Our blog

Tips to get your home ready for an autumn sale.

In a previous blog, we outlined why autumn is a good time to sell property  – listing benefits like timing, serious buyer competition and temperate weather. This blog further positions you for an autumn sale with tips to help you prepare for and capitalise on the market.

Maximise curb appeal

Curb appeal is important all year round, but it’s essential in autumn. Potential buyers like to drive past property before inspections, so be diligent about keeping your front lawn tidy. Rake up excessive leaves, pressure hose paths, pavers, and windows, repaint the fence, wipe down spider webs and wasps’ nests, and clean the front door and surrounding frame.

Tidy the garden

Australian summers are typically hot and wet and often leave gardens dried out or overgrown. Give your garden and yard attention before listing. Water the lawn regularly, remove dead or dying plants, weed the garden beds, rake up leaves, trim bushes and hedges, and add some potted colour. It could be worthwhile to hire a gardener to help you breathe life into your garden or create an autumnal sanctuary.

Check the gutters

Deciduous trees fill gutters and drains with dead leaves. Rooflines overflowing with foliage give the impression that the home isn’t cared for and scream high maintenance, which can be instant red flags for buyers. It is good to get a professional to help clean the gutters and make sure there are no drainage issues. 

Clean the pool

Falling leaves seem to be attracted to pools. Make sure to remove any floating leaves and ensure that bottom of the pool and filter are free from debris. Again, clean and well-maintained areas showcase a loved and looked-after property.

Clean windows

Nothing sells a property like clean windows – and this is particularly the case in autumn, where the goal is to bring the beauty of the season inside the home.

Deciduous trees and autumnal leaves can provide a vibrant backdrop for an open home, so make sure you highlight them with clean and unobstructed windows.


It’s essential to put your best foot forward when selling your property. Clutter, in particular, can affect buyer interest, as it can make a property look smaller and affect its flow. While you may have impeccable taste, your style won’t necessarily appeal to everyone, so it’s important to detach and depersonalise, creating a ‘blank’ canvas to appeal to a broader buying demographic.

Wipe down walls, skirting boards and doors 

Summer into autumn typically brings heavy rain in Australia, and as temperatures cool down, mould and mildew issues arise. It’s essential to wipe down all surfaces, extending to walls, skirting boards and doors. With its negative health implications mould is a major turn-off for buyers.

Create warmth

Make sure your home feels warm and inviting for open homes and inspections.  Before listing, ensure there are no cracks around doors and windows that let in drafts – if you find any, have them fixed ahead of opening your home to buyers. On the day of an inspection, put your heater on a timer, so it switches on an hour before people arrive. If you have a fireplace, ensure it is lit – a flickering fire can transform a room and secure an autumn sale.

Optimise lighting

Autumn means shorter days and a lowering sun. Open blinds, shutters and curtains to let as much light in as possible. Make sure any internal lighting creates a feeling of brightness and space. Turn on every light in the house, including table lamps. Add spotlights behind furniture in dark rooms.

Create ambiance

Autumn is a favourite season for many, embraced for its nostalgic and cosy appeal. Pull-on buyers’ heartstrings by creating an ambient atmosphere.  Light the fireplace to a low heat during open homes. Add some autumnal accessories, such as cable-knit throws, warm-toned cushions, layered bed linen, fruit and vegetable hampers, and vases of seasonal flowers. Bake some cinnamon or pumpkin treats – the scent throughout the house will create a serene, welcoming atmosphere.

Don’t overdo the autumnal flair

There’s a difference between creating a cosy autumnal ambiance and creating a setting that looks like a pumpkin patch. Don’t overdo it with accessorising yellows, oranges, browns, and reds. Subtly is key. Refer back to the point on decluttering – the goal is to create an elevated blank canvas that people can make their own.

The best tip for preparing for an autumn sale, or any sale, is using a seasoned agent. Our agents know the ins and outs of selling property and can equip you with the knowledge you need to capitalize on the market.

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