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We don’t need rockstars, we need heroes.

A word from our CEO, Peter Hanscomb.

The thing I hate about this industry is the turnover – I hate seeing the failure of so many young people. Part of the problem is that too many new agents are being led to believe they need to become the next rockstar. 

Yes, this is an industry that requires a level of ego and a highly competitive nature to be successful, but it should never be at the expense of others. In certain business cultures the ‘rockstar’ image is promoted at the expense of the group of agents that are still building their careers – and that is fundamentally wrong. 

It’s not one thing or one person, it’s 100 things and a team of people that make businesses successful. The whole work environment - brand, support, people - should contribute to an agent becoming the best they can be. 

Those ‘rockstars’ who go on to open a business of their own will inevitably struggle. They will burn people, because they have no time to train, coach and develop their team members. To an extent, I understand, because that hunter real estate mentality is very much focused on productivity and production. But there has got to be an appreciation of support teams and the development process of how those teams become great, not just cannon fodder.

The youth of our industry should never expect that being attached to a rockstar agent is going to get them to the top. It might be interesting and fun, but it won’t teach people anything and it certainly won’t give aspiring agents the future they want in this business. 

Young agents need an environment where they can receive education and coaching, so their own skills and instincts can be developed. It’s time we stop building up the rockstars in this industry and start creating true heroes.