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Our blog.

Our blog

Making your property appeal to style-conscious renters.

It might seem like an unnecessary expense; however, spending a little money (and time) on a property’s look and feel is not only a good way to attract the highest rent possible but also entice and retain style-conscious tenants. In this blog, we outline several ways to help boost the appeal of your rental property.


Never underestimate a fresh coat of paint, particularly on an older property. Stick to neutral. Timeless colours like whites and creams create a clean and bright blank canvas for potential tenants to imagine living in the space. Dated colour palettes or flaking paint screams maintenance, which can be a turn-off for style-conscious renters. 


Flooring can make or break potential tenants’ interest. It should not only be aesthetic but functional and comfortable underfoot. More and more home builders and renovators are opting for wooden floorboards in living and kitchen spaces – it's fresh and has a natural appeal. Carpet is typically reserved for bedrooms and should be avoided in dining and wet spaces. When using tiles, it’s important to be aware of texture. To appeal to style-conscious renters, choose neutral coloured flooring made from natural materials.  

Window dressings

Curtains, blinds and shades should not only do their job but also look great. Swapping out bulky fabrics for simple dressings can completely lift a room. Overlapping panels add a sense of depth while filtering sunlight. Roller blinds blend into a wall and open up a room. Layering sheer curtains over blinds offer dimension and versatility. Regardless of what you choose, blackout functionality is a must-have. 


The kitchen usually provides the most wow factor in a property, so it’s important to focus on making sure it looks great and functions even better. Cleanliness is paramount – this doesn’t just mean wiping down surfaces; it means deep-cleaning and where required, updating appliances, fittings and fixtures. Swap old ovens and dishwashers for stainless steel, replace worn and dated doors and handles and make sure all hinges work. Select a classic style – monochrome, neutral or natural colours will appeal to a broad selection of style-conscious renters.


Bathrooms are a worthwhile investment. At the very least, replace old toilets and cupboard handles. Tile selection is critical, as an outdated tile can deter potential tenants. Greys and whites are always in vogue; just remember to keep darker shades below the eye line to maximise the space. A simple way to transform a bathroom is to update the vanity unit with a contemporary design, countertop basin and modern mirror. 

The mod cons

A discerning renter will expect high-quality fittings and fixtures and all the necessary mod-cons. These are the things they’ll use every day, so functionality is just as important as style. Air conditioning can be the deciding factor between two very similar properties, while a dishwasher is considered a must-have amenity. Safety and security features can hook and retain a tenant, particularly in metropolitan areas. Smart homes – where features like lighting, blinds, sound systems, and security features are run from an app – are increasingly becoming the norm.

Outdoor space

If your property comes with an outdoor space, put a bit of effort into making it look good and highlighting its functionality. Make sure gardens and lawns are neat and tidy. Section off an area for entertaining, be it a paved patio, a deck or a pergola. If the space needs greenery, add low-maintenance plants and trees.


This is a no-brainer. The cleaner, the better. Pay special attention to skirting boards, walls and doors – the property will look cared for if they are in good condition. If you have been living in the property, you may be oblivious to how it smells. Lingering pet, food and smoking odors can be dealbreakers for discerning tenants. Let in some light and air. If smells are pervasive, consider deep cleaning or masking techniques, but don’t go overboard with distinct artificial scents.

Rental photography

Using professional photography for advertising will instantly increase its desirability. Renters research dozens of properties online before pinpointing what they want to view in person, so capturing their attention is essential.

Professional photos give renters the impression that the property, like the photos, is high quality. At Belle Property, we partner with professional photographers to help bring properties to life and make them stand out.

Virtual furniture

Most Australian properties are rented unfurnished, saving the landlord money and allowing tenants to make the space their own. However, it can be challenging for tenants to visualise themselves living in a space without furniture. To solve this, we can organise to furnish properties digitally. This innovative and interactive technology gives tenants a better picture of how the property might work for their lifestyle.

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