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Our blog

The top interior trends for 2024.

YSG Studio - La Palma, Palm Beach

The start of a new year is always a great time to shake things up and start anew when it comes to lifestyle and wellbeing goals, but why not include your home in the mix this year?

If you’re looking for fresh ideas and inspiration to revamp your living space this year, here’s our roundup of the top interior trends for 2024 which are set to steal the spotlight over the next 12-months.

Eclectic styles.

In 2024, there will be a ‘more is more’ vibe for home décor, so get ready to make your home as vibrant and unique as you are. Think eclectic – mixing eras, colours, and textures to express your style. Individuality is the brief, so if you love it, don’t hold back.

A great starting point for inspiration and sourcing pieces in this vein is online interiors emporium Fenton & Fenton, which offers a treasure trove of unique homewares, artwork, and furniture ranging from holographic bar carts to geometric side tables to satisfy even the most whimsical leanings.

Left: YSG Studio – Palm Beach; Right: Fenton & Fenton – Betsy armchair

The rise of statement flooring.

Floors are finally getting their time to shine, and we’re here for it. 2024 will encourage us to look down and appreciate what’s beneath our feet in a new light - get ready for the grand entrance of patterned tiles and marble, injecting a space with instant appeal and impact.

Statement rugs are also seizing the limelight, especially those with a punchy geometric pattern and texture, like this hand-dyed rug.

Left: Forma1 Rug collections; Right: Handlesmann & Khaw – Villa Renee

A warmer colour palette.

Steering away from last year's cool greens and white minimalism, 2024 is all about embracing a warmer and more nostalgic palette. The 1970s vibe continues to prevail with a retro rainbow of oranges, yellows and reds set to take centre stage, with earthier deep browns and nature-inspired muted greens and pastel blues also playing a leading role.

To help increase your options and create a space bursting with impact and depth, try layering different shades and tones of a colour in addition to its pure form.

Arent & Pyke

Each year, the Dulux Colour Forecast announces new paint ranges reflecting the latest colour trends and 2024 is no exception, including the ‘Solstice’ series of warm browns, reds, and pinks; ‘Journey’ offering lavish mid-tone colours for a maximalist and eclectic feel, along with ‘Muse’, a nostalgic series of calming greens and rich browns which take their cues from the free-spirited 1970s.

However, if you’re not up for getting the decorators in, consider incorporating the latest hues via low-commitment elements such as rugs, cushions, bedding, ornamental pieces, or small accents like these scalloped placements to bring life to your dining space.

Dulux colour trend forecasting

Rustic design.

Brace yourselves for a rustic revolution in 2024. This trend is all about creating a warm, inviting space using natural textures and furniture while embracing quirks and imperfections as style statements in their own right. 

Think natural woods with soft white walls and organic forms, paired with weathered finishes and antique treasures, topped off by unique pieces like this antique dining chair.

Left: We are duet; Right: Handlesmann & Khaw

Curves & arches.

Get ready to see curves in all the right places this year. From interior arches to organic shapes and fluid forms, 2024 is all about breaking away from the confines of clean lines.

Nostalgic curves and arches are making a comeback into our homes, channelling a groovy 1970s vibe. While undulating lines have become somewhat of a design staple these days, this look continues to play out with newfound boldness. In terms of furniture look out for curved sofas, wave headboards, and invitingly-shaped pieces like a sleek coffee table or plush dining chairs.

Jase Sullivan Clarks Beach. Photography – Prue Ruscoe

For more tips and advice on styling your home’s interior - which is especially important when it comes to selling - the best place to start is by chatting with your local Belle Property agent. 

For more articles on this topic head to our blog and search ‘styling’.