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Our blog

Preparing your home’s exterior for a spring sale.

With spring-traditionally the busiest time of year for real estate transactions in Australia-not far off, if you’re thinking of selling next season now is the ideal time to start preparing your home. 

An appealing property exterior is just as important as an attractively styled and presented interior when it comes to attracting buyers, while signalling that it has been loved and well-maintained by its current occupants.  

With this in mind, here’s everything you need to know when preparing your home’s exterior for a spring sale to help maximise buyer interest and ensure it stands out from the competition this season. 

Curate your curb appeal 

For many buyers, their first impressions of a home – combined with their gut feel – can count for a lot. Many property seekers will drive by their shortlisted properties pre-inspection to get a general feel about a home based on how it looks from the outside, so maximising your home’s curb appeal is crucial. 

The exterior needs to be as clean as possible—so investing time and energy (or employing a professional) to wash down walls, paintwork, dust off cobwebs and polish windowpanes will pay off in spades here.  

Consider investing in professional house washing if you’re time-poor and the budget will stretch to it. Pressure wash driveways and garden paths, using a degreasing product to remove any oil stains. 

Pay particular attention to the front door area—the first area buyers will see up close when they attend the inspection—ensuring it is spick and span. If it’s looking a bit tired, try sprucing things up with fresh paint, new house numbers, attractively potted plants, outdoor light fixtures, or even a new doormat.  

Cast a critical eye over fences, gates, walls, letterbox, front door, architraves, and windowsills - could they do with a lick of paint or varnish? This can help create a strong first impression, particularly if you use an eye-catching (but not garish) paint colour. 

More ways to boost curb appeal: 

  • Ensure your property’s number is easily visible from the street 
  • Check outside light bulbs are working 
  • For a pop of colour, plant spring flowers in your front garden or in attractive pots beside the front door 
  • Hide garbage bins and garden tools out of sight 
  • Get rid of any shabby-looking items such as old outdoor furniture or children’s equipment  
  • Ensure any remaining furniture or play equipment is clean and tidy 
  • If you have pets hide their food bowls and toys and check they haven’t left any ‘nasty surprises’ anywhere! 

Get stuck into the garden 

A neat, tidy, and well-kept garden is an undisputed drawcard for buyers, so whether you go all out with professional landscaping, DIY or enlist the services of a local gardener, always allow plenty of time to prepare your garden before going to market.  

More ways to get your garden sale-ready:   

  • Rake and sweep up debris, prune everything back, deadhead plants and thoroughly weed all garden beds 
  • Mulching garden beds can make a big visual impact while reducing the need for ongoing weeding (which can also appeal to buyers) 
  • Garden looking a bit meh? Consider introducing some colour with flowering plants - be sure to water and fertilise regularly to ensure good growth 
  • Cut back branches or bushes that are overgrown, especially any that obscure windows or block pathways etc 
  • Mow the lawn and keep it mowed throughout the sale campaign - including the nature strip in front of your home if you have one  
  • Trim lawn edges and fix any unsightly lawn patches by seeding and fertilising 
  • Water regularly to keep everything looking as verdant as possible 

De-green your gutters 

While leafy suburbs can appeal to prospective purchasers, properties covered in leaves give the impression a home isn’t looked after and scream high maintenance, which can be an instant red flag for buyers.  

Check for and remove any leaves piled up on your roof and in gutters or outsource this one to a professional if clambering up ladders isn’t in your wheelhouse.  

Prepare the pool 

If you have a pool and live near trees then you know all too well how leaves are drawn to water, along with any manner of outdoor debris and insects.  

Before your home is professionally photographed for your campaign, ensure the pool is clean and crystal clear– not forgetting to give the surrounding flooring and fencing some love – then keep it that way throughout your campaign. 

Remember to check your state’s laws when it comes to selling a property with a pool. Generally, you will need to register your pool and have it inspected for compliance, with the compliance (or non-compliance) certificate included in the contract for sale.  


The best way to prepare to sell in spring - or any other season - is by using a professionally qualified and trained real estate agent. As experts in their local markets, Belle Property agents act as trusted advisors and negotiators for your sale, developing bespoke marketing strategies and connecting you with a large network of local, national, and international buyers.  

To learn more, speak to your local Belle Property agent.