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Our blog.

Our blog

Our top 5 tips for a successful summer sale.

While spring is traditionally considered the strongest selling season, it goes without saying that buyers are active year-round, vying for their dream property as their circumstances and finances permit.

With strong market conditions playing out in many parts of the country right now and lots of buyers still out in force, we are expecting to see plenty of sales activity in the warmer months ahead. In this blog, we outline our top five tips to help you capitalise on the positive market outlook and secure a successful sale this summer.

Use the holidays to prepare

The Christmas holidays are a great time to get your property ready for sale, with more people home and hands on deck to get gardening, basic DIY and repairs done. But if Christmas is too busy, make preparing your home for sale the focus of your New Year to-do list or even your main New Year’s resolution.

It’s essential to put your best foot forward when selling your property. While you cannot change things like location, size or views, cosmetic updates can dramatically affect buyer interest. For detailed information on getting your home ready for sale see our preparing for sale checklist.

If you don’t have time to work through everything on the list just yet, start to score some quick wins by tackling the basics including:

  • Decluttering rooms and clearing all surfaces  
  • Removing overtly personal items like family photos, bold artwork, eclectic ornaments/furniture etc
  • Clean windows, wipe down paintwork, touch up scuff marks, replace/repair anything broken or loose 
  • Mow and tidy gardens
  • Clean and tidy your home’s exterior, especially areas visible from the street, for maximum kerb appeal
  • Declutter and tidy built-in storage such as wardrobes, drawers or cupboards that buyers might inspect 
  • Clean, clean, then clean again!

Set up your outdoor spaces 

An Australian summer is best spent outdoors. Pay close attention to your outdoor living areas to help buyers envision the property’s potential. Set up an alfresco dining set so that buyers can imagine themselves relaxing or entertaining guests. If you have a pool or a fire pit, staging the area with good-quality, stylish outdoor furniture will help give added appeal.

Create a retreat from the heat

Indoors should also be a haven, but this time for escaping the heat. Make the house as cool, light and bright as possible. If you have air conditioning, set the temperature to a comfortable 22-24 degrees. If you don’t have air conditioning, open windows and doors to create a cross breeze and ventilate the house.

Help create an inviting atmosphere for potential buyers using an appropriate scent—such as fresh summer flowers or citrus fruit — either using the real deal or courtesy of an aroma diffuser or spray. Whatever you opt for, keep it subtle and avoid overdoing it.

Natural light is one of the most important drawcards for many buyers and is particularly a must-have during summer. Let the light in. Draw the curtains back and pull up the blinds to brighten the room. Natural light makes indoor spaces appear more spacious, highlights the property’s features, and helps with ventilation.

Your property’s colour palette can make or break a deal. A fresh coat of neutral paint goes a long way to help buyers see the potential of your property. Light colours are preferable as they create a blank canvas and, combined with fresh scents and natural light, really set the scene for a summer sale.

Time your inspections 

It’s important to consider the festive season and public holidays when selling a property in summer. December and January can generate lower inspection numbers, with many people away on holiday.

When hosting inspections throughout summer, it’s also crucial to consider the time of day. Where possible, aim for morning inspections to ensure the property is as cool as possible and showcased in its best light.

Consider your buyers

Once summer temperatures start soaring, on-site auctions can become uncomfortable for bidders. But don’t worry; agents and auctioneers have several workarounds to navigate this challenge.

Many agents will opt to run on-site auctions earlier in the day to escape the midday sun or seasonal thunderstorms. Off-site venues can be used to host auctions in air-conditioned comfort, while an online auction format allows buyers to bid from the comfort of their homes whether near or far.

Timing is also essential. As people tend to go away over New Year and during the school holidays, it’s worth considering holding off an auction until late January when most people have returned. Read more about timing your sale.

How we can help 

If you’re thinking about selling but feeling daunted by what’s entailed, one of the best places to start is by talking to your local Belle Property agent. As qualified real estate experts, our agents can provide detailed insight into your local market and guide you through the entire selling process from start to finish.  

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