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How to choose the right art for your home.

Art is not just a finishing touch for your home decor; it's a powerful tool that can transform a space, reflect your personality, and even influence your mood. With countless styles, sizes, and mediums to choose from, selecting the perfect piece of art for your home can be an exciting yet daunting task. In this blog, we'll explore how to make art selection for home decor a breeze, ensuring your walls sing with personality and style.  

Understanding the impact of art in home decor.  

Art plays a significant role in a home's aesthetic. It can add colour, texture, and dimension, creating focal points and conversations. Beyond its visual appeal, art can evoke emotions, tell stories, and express individuality. Art can enhance your living space and complete your interior design. It could be a colourful painting, a peaceful landscape, or a thought-provoking sculpture.  

Tips for selecting wall art.

Consider the room’s purpose  

Each room in your home serves a different function, and the art you choose should complement that. For instance, a calming seascape might be ideal for a bedroom where relaxation is key, while a bold, energetic piece could be perfect for a living room or space meant for entertaining.   

Scale and proportion  

One of the biggest mistakes in art decor is choosing a piece that is out of scale with the room. A small painting on a large wall can look lost, while an oversized piece can overwhelm a space. Measure your walls and consider the furniture around to determine the best size for your art. Generally, art should fill about two-thirds to three-quarters of the available wall space.

Evi O art as featured in Sitchu.

Colour and style  

When selecting art, consider your room's existing colour scheme and style. You might choose artwork that complements the colours in your space or opt for a contrasting piece to make a bold statement. Additionally, the art style should align with your room's overall aesthetic, whether it's modern, traditional, or eclectic. 

Personal connection  

The most important aspect of choosing art for your home is your connection with the piece. It should resonate with you emotionally, reflecting your tastes, experiences, or aspirations. Art reflects your personality, so choose pieces that you love, and that tell your story.  

Thea Anamara Perkins as featured in Sitchu.

Popular art styles for home decor.

Abstract art  

Abstract art is versatile and can fit into many design schemes. With its use of colour, shape, and form, abstract art pieces can introduce a contemporary edge or add a layer of complexity to your room.  

Art deco art  

Art deco art brings a touch of elegance and sophistication to your decor with its bold geometric shapes and opulent details. Perfect for adding a sense of luxury and glamour, art deco art pieces can elevate any room, offering a timeless and stylish aesthetic.  

Landscape and nature  

Landscape and nature-themed art can bring the outdoors in, creating a tranquil and relaxing atmosphere. These pieces often work well in bedrooms, bathrooms, or any space where you want to promote a sense of calm.   

Figurative and portraiture  

Figurative art and portraiture add a human touch to your decor, often evoking emotion and narrative. These works can be intriguing focal points in a room, inviting viewers to engage with the subjects.   


Photography ranges from black-and-white to vibrant colour prints. It can capture moments in time, unique perspectives, or stunning visuals. Photography works well in any space and can add a sleek, sophisticated touch to your walls.  

Incorporating art into different rooms.

Fran Max as featured in Sitchu.

Living room  

The living room is often the heart of the home, where families gather and guests are entertained. Here, art can be a conversation starter or a statement piece. Consider a large-scale painting or a gallery wall to add interest and character to the space.  


In the bedroom, art should be soothing and personal. Choose pieces that evoke peace or happy memories, such as a cherished photograph or a calming landscape.  

Kitchen and dining area  

Depending on your style, art in the kitchen and dining area can add a playful or sophisticated touch. Consider smaller pieces that complement the space without overwhelming it, such as culinary-themed prints or simple still lifes.  


The bathroom is an often overlooked space for art, but it can benefit greatly from the right piece. Opt for artwork that can withstand humidity and choose relaxing or whimsical subjects.  

Framing and display.

How you frame and display your art can significantly impact how it looks and feels in your space. Consider the following:  

Frame style  

The frame should enhance the art, not distract from it. Choose a frame that complements the style of the piece and fits in with the overall decor of the room.

Placement and lighting  

Hang your artwork at eye level for optimal viewing. Proper lighting can also make a big difference, highlighting the colours and details of the piece. Consider using picture lights or adjustable ceiling fixtures to showcase your art.  

Gallery walls  

For those who love to collect art, a gallery wall can be an excellent way to display multiple pieces. Mix and match different sizes, styles, and frames for an eclectic and personalized display. 

Choosing the right art for your home decoration is a personal journey that should be enjoyed. By considering the room's purpose, scale, colour, style, and your own connection to the art, you can select pieces that will enhance your living space and bring joy for years to come. Remember, the best art decor is the one that speaks to you and complements your home's unique personality. Whether you opt for a single statement piece or a curated collection, the right art will turn your house into a home.