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Our blog

The buyers are still there – selling through the right agent.

There has been some negativity surrounding the property market since the start of COVID-19 – causing confusion around whether you will get the price you’re after if you sell now.

The interesting thing about the real estate market is that regardless of the conditions, the key to achieving the best result is simple. Lean on the best agent, with the best strategies.

Belle Property is well known for achieving premium results, no matter what the market conditions and recent sales from across the country aren’t showing any different.

James Bennett from Belle Property Lane Cove has sold eight properties in 17 days and recently sold two properties in the same day. The seller of the first property, becoming the buyer of the second; all down to his ability to connect the dots between his knowledge of the market and his network of buyers.

“The thing about selling during this time – and in any time really, is that you need an agent that really knows your market and can align your area and your property with the right strategy to achieve the best outcome,” said James.

“The buyers are still there and in fact, we’re seeing strong results for this time of year, irrespective of what’s happening across the globe with COVID-19. It’s just about marketing the right properties to the right people.”

James’s advice to potential sellers who are looking to get involved in the market now:

“Don’t be apprehensive. Of course, at times like this there will be heightened concern, but there are plenty of strategies we can use to lower your risk and ensure you get the outcome you’re after,” he said.

“One of the most favoured approaches now is selling off-market. Off-market is a good entry path to selling your home because it gives you an initial idea of the interest in your property, plus allows you time to look around at what’s on the market if you were to sell.”

“The most important thing to remember is get yourself an agent who knows the area and who really cares about the sale of your property. Ask them about their stats and their testimonials, but also what it means to them if they were to manage the sale. You want to work with someone with the expertise, but also someone who understands the emotion behind selling your property, especially at a time like this.”

For more information about selling during COVID-19, read our guide here. To learn more about off-market sales and opportunities, read our blog, or contact your local Belle Property office directly.