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Our blog.

Our blog

How to ace your rental application.

Finding a rental property can often be a competitive process, and never more so than at the moment with record stock shortages and demand for rental properties.

While you can’t control the level of interest in a property – or how many other eager potential tenants you’ll be jostling against at the inspection – one thing you do have influence over is your application for a property.

To help improve your chances of securing the property you want, in this blog our property managers share insider tips for acing your next rental application.

Introduce yourself to the agent

Our property managers are focused on relationships over transactions. Say hello and introduce yourself upon arrival at a property. Engaging with the agent and asking questions can help you build rapport and give you the best chance of standing out in a busy field of applicants. It always helps to put a face to a name. If you cannot meet with the agent in person, take a conversational approach to your online or phone interactions. Human connections go a long way in the real estate industry.

Answer application questions clearly and accurately

Application forms are handed out at all in-person inspections or completed online. When filling out an application, it’s essential to be honest about your circumstances, including your pets or potential housemates. Put yourself in the landlord’s shoes. They are trusting you with one of their most important assets. Share information about your lifestyle to highlight what makes you a desirable tenant, but do not overdo it. The key is to be detailed but concise.

Explain why the property suits you, demonstrate that you are a reliable tenant, and make sure you include information specific to your furry friends. A landlord is not just looking for someone to pay the rent on time, but someone who will look after their property. If you put your best foot forward to convince them that you will do both, you will increase your chances that they will choose you over other potential tenants.

Be prepared

Check the application form for any identification required and make sure you have clear copies that can be uploaded or supplied as required. It also helps to be prepared with reference letters from past landlords and employers. There is typically a lot of competition for pet-friendly rentals, so it is worthwhile to have all your information ready for a pet application – i.e., photos, vet information, a reference from your past property manager, and details about where your pet will be housed while you are out of town.

Be patient but stay present

Once you have filled out and submitted your form, allow the agent at least 24 hours to process your application. Be patient, but keep in touch. Ensure that you are on hand to answer any further questions or provide any additional information or documentation necessary. Remember, a rental contract is a legal document, so there are many checks and balances. Our team is committed to best practice to support both landlords and tenants.

Pay the initial payment or deposit promptly

If you are approved, pay your initial payment or deposit promptly. Landlords lose money when properties are empty, so will be hoping to secure the right tenants quickly. You may lose the property if you take too long, even if you are a great tenant.

In most cases, there will be multiple viable tenants waiting in the wings with their payment ready when the opportunity calls. If you are approved but change your mind, immediately let the agent know to withdraw your application so that the landlord can move on and the next applicant can be offered the property.

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