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Our blog

5 reasons to become a real estate agent.

The Australian real estate industry is a dynamic, fluid, and complex environment with incredible career growth potential with the opportunity to always work on new projects.

The autonomous nature of an agent requires the person to be self-motivated and goal-orientated with a passion for helping and communicating with a whole range of people daily.

Being a real estate agent can be an incredibly rewarding job. If you have considered a career in real estate or seeking a career change, Head of Network Growth for Belle Property, Nick Boyd, highlights five reasons why real estate should be your next career move.

Dynamic growth industry

The Australian property industry has enjoyed healthy growth for decades and has quickly become a top contender for many global investors. Even with the uncertainty of a pandemic, the property market continued to grow with an increase in buying, selling, and investing!

“Constant property interest makes working in this industry exciting. There is a sense of security in knowing that there is always someone around the corner interested in growing their portfolio, purchasing their first home, or downsizing. It’s an incredible feeling assisting clients throughout the entire process,” says Nick.

Proactive training

With a combination of tenacity, integrity, and a passion for the industry, proactive candidates can complete their agent training in a short period and start learning on the job alongside experienced real estate agents. By learning within a real estate office, you quickly become exposed to the different scenarios, enquiries, and procedures involved with the job. By partnering up with an experienced and reputable agent to learn from, their mentorship can help push your knowledge much further and quicker than being in the classroom.

“At Belle Property, our priority is the coaching and development of our agents because education and training are vital to achieving great results for clients. We were recently awarded for our Training and Education program by a major industry publication, so the proof is in the pudding,” says Nick.

Become an expert

Clients turn to agents with a great deal of trust to ensure the best possible outcome is achieved for their property goals. With time and experience, agents become incredibly knowledgeable, taking pride in their capability to help clients achieve major milestones.

Nick explains, “A great real estate agent will have a strong understanding of current market conditions, and in-depth knowledge of what buyers are looking for. They will also have a healthy database of potential buyers and a thorough understanding of what kind of marketing campaign will work for a property and the buyer most likely to purchase.”

Make new connections

The most rewarding component of a real estate agent's career is making strong and trusting connections with their clients. This career tests an agent’s interpersonal skills and communication style as their ability to network with colleagues, clients, potential buyers, and members of the public is crucial to their career success.

Nick says, “A successful agent is one that truly sees the value in connection and communication. The agent should understand the immense responsibility that clients put on them to deliver great results. In return, strong connections are formed between the client and agent, with the most important pillars of efficacy, trust, and communication helping to form it.”

Have control over your career advancement

In real estate, the sky is not the limit. This industry is continually evolving. Even the most experienced and long-standing agents are continuing to learn and improve their skill set. Agents are in complete control of their success as they will be offered incredible opportunities throughout their careers.

“The property industry offers a huge range of career options. Agents can specialise in a niche market, break into commercial sales, become an advisor, or go off on their own and open their own office. We encourage our agents to always set career goals and invest time and money into certifications, licenses, and designations that can set them apart from the rest,” Nick states.

For more information and advice on becoming a real estate agent, reach out to your local Belle Property office or agents  today.