Andrew Robinson

Head of Franchise Sales, Belle Property Head Office


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A highly dynamic real estate professional, Andrew Robinson is the Head of Franchise Sales and the NSW Chief Auctioneer for Belle Property. Underpinning Andrew’s highly successful career is his passion, dedication and integrity, which has allowed him to rise through the ranks of the real estate industry faster than many young professionals.

Andrew went from being a sales assistant at the age of 18 to an accredited auctioneer at 21 and an agency principal at 22. He was the youngest licensee ever at a major franchise group and a co-founding principal at their Newcastle office. Thriving on new challenges, Andrew’s fierce determination, and extensive sales and management expertise, coupled with his desire to help others achieve success, led him to deliberately seeking a corporate role in 2013, where he could share his hands-on experience with other real estate professionals.

Since joining Belle Property, Andrew went from being part of the training team, working closely with many agents and principals on productivity and peak performance to his current role of leading the new Belle Property Advisory division nationwide, while also onboarding potential franchisees. On weekends, Andrew is in high demand as auctioneer to many of the offices.

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