Daniel Zimmermann

Real Estate Agent, Belle Property St George


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Sales Associate for Belle Property St George, Daniel Zimmerman works alongside Co-director, Mark Somboli. Daniel transitioned into sales after a successful career in property management, a move which has provided him with a broader understanding and knowledge of the real estate market.

Daniel understands communication is crucial to be an effective real estate agent. Customer focused with a strong work ethic. Daniel demonstrates a passion for providing the best possible outcome for all parties. Specialising in Allawah, Carlton and Hurstville, Daniel manages the buyers on behalf of the team and ensures a high level of customer service at all times, priding himself on his hard work ethic and transparency.

Having grown up in the St George region, Daniel has a rich knowledge and understanding of the St George area, and he is very passionate about showing this off to his clients. His unique perspective and experience of the area transfer well to his clients, while Daniel continues to grow as he develops his career further.

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