Laura Thorwesten

Property Manager, Belle Property South Yarra


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 A client focused Property Manager, Laura Thorwesten takes a personalised approach to achieving the best possible outcomes for all clients.

“Transparent, timely communication is fundamental to effective property management” says Laura. “My aim is to keep my clients as informed as possible on all aspects of renting a property and their legal requirements, whether that be for landlords, investors or tenants. The more informed you are, the better position you are in to make decisions”.

With extensive experience in the service industry Laura knows all to well that communication holds the key to building long lasting relationships.

“Client relationships are so important in the management of a property, what is an investment for one person, is a home for another. That is why it is so important to take a personalised approach to each client. Everyone is different and their needs and wants are different. Tailoring my approach to meet and exceed those expectations is what I strive to do.”

Passionate and personable, Laura is proactive in her commitment to provide exceptional customer service and results. In her spare time Laura enjoys hanging out with friends and going to bars and restaurants in Melbourne exploring what our city is all about. Relaxed and focused Laura understands that a balanced life is the key to ensuring you can work hard during the week but reward yourself on the weekend.

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