Ben Sahyoun

Principal, Belle Property Parramatta


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With a deep passion for storytelling across a range of mediums, Ben is, in many ways, the creative voice of Belle Property Parramatta. As the Head of Communications and Creative, Ben is able to employ his expertise in graphic and experience design to not only tell our stories but also the stories of the properties and projects we are involved with.

Ben’s key roles have been building the Belle Property Parramatta audience and showcasing the expertise of our fantastic staff. It’s through engaging with the community that Ben can bring this to life and ensures we continue to grow as an integral part of the local area.

Ben’s passion for creative property marketing shines through and helps to generate more awareness around our client’s listings, for sale or lease. For Ben, it’s about ensuring the client gains the greatest exposure possible and the property’s greatest assets are showcased.

Prior to joining the Belle Property Parramatta team, Ben worked with multiple creative agencies, honing his skills and growing his creative portfolio. In addition, his love for the building experiences and hospitality saw him own, design and build multiple cafes from the ground up. 

Just like people, every property has a story to tell, and creative and visual storytelling is just another aspect of property marketing that helps set Belle Property Parramatta apart. By combining his passion and extensive experience in the industry, Ben is the driving force behind ensuring your property makes an impact and generates a real buzz in the market.

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