Sarah Moy

Property Manager, Belle Property Lane Cove


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Sarah Moy is proud to be a part of the team at Belle Property Lane Cove and brings with her an engaging and enthusiastic approach in providing outstanding service. Focused and energetic, she has the added determination to see everything through to the end and a reputation for always being 100% committed to exceptional client service by leaving no stone unturned in the pursuit of the best possible results for properties leased in Lane Cove and throughout the district.

Sarah is an integral part of our dedicated and qualified property management team with a determined focus on client relationships, communication and achieving excellent results. She has a great understanding of all transactions and financial details of each property. Whether it's recalling every detail of your account or discussing your own unique investment situation, Sarah’s commitment to each and every client is synonymous with Belle Property’s customer service ethic.

One of the key factors that attracted Sarah to Belle Property was the knowledge that the company is built on honesty, professionalism and integrity and demands that its agents provide outstanding service to clients. It leads the way when it comes to using technology to make the process of leasing and managing property as efficient as possible.

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