Baxter van Heyst

Sales Associate, Belle Property Lane Cove


Baxter van Heyst brings energy and enthusiasm to his role as Sales Associate to James Bennett at Belle Property Lane Cove. His ambition for real estate sales and confidence in dealing with property and people are what drew him to the property industry.

Baxter also has a focus on his education and while working full time for James, is also in his second year of university, studying a degree in Business and Commerce, majoring in Property. Baxter’s knowledge of the property industry complements James’, contributing to a high achieving and trustworthy team who have posted some outstanding results for properties sold in Lane Cove and throughout the Lower North Shore.

Vendors and buyers dealing with Baxter find him easy to talk to and are able to build lasting and trust worthy relationships with him. Baxter’s professional enthusiasm and inspiring work ethic make him a valuable member of James’ team and of Belle Property Lane Cove.

James Bennett Team