Posted 27 Apr 18

Trending now: off-market sales

When it comes to selling, there is one thing that nearly every homeowner will wish for: a quick and painless transaction. The trend that is gaining popularity with many owners is the off-market sale.
This is when a home is listed without a public campaign – no marketing, no inspection period, no auction. And while it might seem counterintuitive to sell a home without publicly promoting it, there are a few key benefits.
Testing the waters
An off-market campaign allows a seller to test the market without committing to the expense of a full-blown marketing campaign. Often, an owner will need to achieve a certain sale price in order to move.
An off-market sale will allow the agent to gauge the market without the expense and planning that goes into a public auction. It also means the agent will only bring in offers that specifically meet the owner’s needs.
Speed and privacy
Some owners don’t want the attention an auction brings, especially if they are selling for personal reasons. When a property goes to auction, there is usually a three week marketing campaign that accompanies it.
With off-market, that period is bypassed and in many cases an agent can negotiate a sale much faster. For some owners, speed and privacy is worth much more than the competition of auction day.
The buyers are serious
The people who tend to sign up for off-market alerts are generally serious buyers and are as eager for a fast transaction as the property owner.
When a buyer subscribes to receive off-market opportunities, they can get very specific about their property needs and budget so an agent can easily target the buyers that they know are looking for a certain type of property. This means more of the right people are seeing more of the rights homes, and are more likely to make an offer.
If off-market sounds like the right type of sales method for you, your local Belle Property agent can introduce you to Belle Property Private, our exclusive off-market buyer database.
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