Posted 07 Nov 16

Tips For Selling

Tips for getting the best return on your sale

When you put a home on the market, you are selling a new life. When buyers walk into a property they are trying to work out how happy they would be if they lived in this house.
The market is Australia is extremely competitive. You need buyers to feel they would be happier in your house than any other house they’ve looked at.  Though some buyers are looking for a fixer-upper, most people, and especially families, want a home that is turnkey standard. That means a home that is attractive and functional and requires absolutely no work to be comfortable. People can just open the door, move right in and start enjoying their new life.

How Belle Property can help you sell your home

At the absolute minimum, the property needs to be spotless and appear well-maintained. Stand in the street and try to look at your house like a stranger would. Is the paint peeling? Are there dead plants in the garden? Is the front door old and tired? Even though these things are minor and easy to fix, a stressed out buyer will see these as annoyances they would have to deal with. Even worse they take these small visual problems to mean this is a poorly kept property that would be nothing but trouble to own.
So clean everything thoroughly especially windows. Remove worn old carpets and if your floorboards are bouncy, get them repaired. Remove clutter, and unnecessary items of furniture. Make sure shelves and cupboards and neat and organised, not overflowing and messy. Use a storage facility if you have to. Fix all those little things that aren’t quite right. The cracked render, the loose tile, and the chipped sink will all drive buyers away very quickly.
If your property is vacant, consider engaging a home stylist. It can take your property to whole new level and inspire buyers to make their best offer.
Work out if you need to spend money on updating. Buyers want practical and attractive kitchens and bathrooms. You might be able to bring the bathroom up to scratch with a coat of paint and some fresh grout, but do you need to get a new kitchen? This is where you really need the guidance of an experienced selling agent who knows your location and your market. Ask your agent what kind of improvements will generate the best result for you.

Why choose Belle Property?

Belle Property agents are the experts in your location. They know their communities, the people who live in them, and the people who want to live in them. Your Belle Property agent will be able to tell you not just what price range your property is in, but also what kind of people would be interested in your property, what they are looking for and how much they are willing to spend. A Belle Property agent knows the sales history of your suburb, and what other houses your potential buyers are considering. Knowing exactly what will make these buyers want your home will give you the edge in the market and get you a maximum price.
Tony Brown