Posted 27 Jul 20

The strength of social media marketing in leasing property

The benefits of social media marketing are well known – increased brand awareness, greater website traffic and more views on your product. But when it comes to real estate, the benefits of social media marketing can be outstanding.
Belle Property Dee Why was looking to lease a rental property which had been on the market for 42 days. Unfortunately, despite multiple inspections and the usual marketing strategies employed, the property remained on the market.
Then, the team arranged for new imagery of the property, including a 3D virtual tour, and enlisted the help of their social media strategist to undertake a social media marketing campaign for the listing.
“As soon as we started working in the social media environment, we saw a huge impact,” said Lauren Bridges, Business Development Manager, Belle Property Dee Why.
“In the first day, we received five enquiries to book an inspection and after three days we had received more than 22 enquiries. During the campaign, the advertisement was seen by more than 9,500 targeted viewers – and most importantly, we leased the property within two weeks after running the campaign,” said Lauren.
“Another exciting outcome of the campaign was that it also led to several new leads for new landlords who had seen the advertisement and were keen to speak to us about listing their own investment properties. We have leased one new investment property so far,” Lauren added.
Head of Marketing for Belle Property, Holly Perks said, it is vital to incorporate advanced digital advertising into your overall marketing campaign to ensure you’re keeping your property front of mind.
“There are 2.5 billion active users on Facebook and around 1 billion people using Instagram every month. If you are not using social media marketing to lease or sell your property, you are missing out on hundreds, if not thousands of eyeballs,” said Holly.
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By Belle Property