Posted 07 Feb 18

Statement Bedheads for the Bedroom

A well-designed bedhead adds an extra layer of intrigue to any bedroom. The shape, size and material (upholstered, leather or timber) are all a form of personal expression. Georgie Leckey from Heatherly Design gives guidance on how to choose the right bedhead for your bedroom.
What’s trending in bedheads?
The most popular styles at the moment are low bedheads that are wider than the bed to encompass bedside tables, and winged bedheads with a more contemporary back panel.
How do we choose the right bedhead?
The style of bedhead is often determined by the bones of the bedroom. For example, a client with high Victorian ceilings and arched windows may opt for a tall curved Mayfair which is our wing-backed buttoned bedhead, which would echo the arch of the window whilst the tall proportions would suit the height of the ceiling. 
Alternatively, an apartment with floor to ceiling windows may opt for a lower profile bed such as our Oslo which would be more in keeping with the contemporary feel of the room. Existing wall/floor tones and window treatments can help with channelling fabric selection. Texture is really broken down into two winning options – linen or velvet! Velvet definitely gives a more luxe feel and certain bedheads do lend themselves to velvet. With a linen finish, the contrast stitch detail on the bedhead really stands out.
Should we be making a bold or subtle statement?
Clients who have a blank canvas, such as white walls, plain carpet and simple window dressings can afford to go bold with their bedhead. A tall bedhead with wings in a dramatic velvet can really add drama and become the statement piece. Clients who have a lot going on in their bedrooms such as wallpaper, timber panelling, artwork, may want to opt for a subtle design. This way the bedhead is adding another layer to the room without becoming the focal point. 
And when it comes to styling a bed with a bedhead?
Anything goes. We introduced a wonderful range of velvet cushions earlier in the year and this was in response to our clients not being brave enough to mix up textures on their beds. By showing velvet cushions up against linen bedheads we proved the more texture the better!
Finally, what are you loving at the moment?
I love the new velvets in luscious jewel tones. A particular favourite is our Leila bedhead – showcased on The Block – in Ellison velvet in a radiant cornflower blue. Also, there are some wonderful new linens that have been launched from Belgium and Italy that have a slightly distressed look.
Words by Margaret Quilter, Photography by Heatherly Design