Posted 31 Jan 18

Navigating the Rental Market

As housing prices continue to increase and demand for rental properties grows, securing your ideal rental can sometimes feel like an impossible task. Offering above the listed rental price, or paying a few months’ rent upfront is becoming more and more commonplace for desperate prospective tenants. However, Property Management Director for Belle Property Avalon, Laura Mears, says there are much simpler (and cheaper) ways to stand out from the crowd.
Tricks of the Trade
“When putting in your application, make sure you’re fully prepared and provide all the information that is requested,” Mears says. “When we receive multiple applications on a property for lease, the people that stand out from the crowd are the ones who present their application in a similar way you would prepare for a job interview."
"They complete all the information requested on the application, itemise their 100 points of ID and provide all the financial and reference items requested. The best applicants will even submit a cover letter explaining who they are.”
Preparation is Key
For those tenants who are struggling to secure a property, Mears has the following advice:
“Take a step back and look at how you have been preparing your application. Have you provided all the documentation that is required? Have you included current pay slips and rental ledgers? Property managers don’t always have the time to chase you up, so if these documents are missing, you lessen your chances of being selected.”
Mears also stresses the importance of turning up for inspections on time, and making sure you present well. “If you miss out on a property you were really keen on, let the property manager know and ask if they have any feedback which might help your future application.”
Good agents will be able to help you rectify any flaws, and by building up a rapport with them, you might find they are able to help you secure a property next time round.
Words by Emily Usher