Posted 15 Dec 17

Live, Love, Dee Why, NSW

Before the sun rises, this lively beachside suburb is in full swing with some locals getting their heart rate up along the promenade while others are out vying for the perfect wave to kickstart their day. With a pulsing energy that rivals its neighbours, Dee Why is renowned for its laid-back surfie vibe, lively shopping hub and diverse community – it’s easy to see why Sydneysiders have an enduring love for this coastal suburb.
Dee Why Beach is the beating heart of the suburb, drawing surfers from all over. They can be seen year-round bobbing in the water of what is one of the Northern Beaches most competitive surfing spots. From Long Reef to Dee Why Point, this 1.8-kilometre stretch is the place to be to soak up the sun, swim in the rock pool or dive beneath the rolling waves.
Ted Jackson Reserve is the focal point for families who are out in full force during the warmer months picnicking on the grassy knoll with the seagulls. The fenced-in playground and long pathways are ideal for bikes and scooters. Then you have Dee Why Lagoon, a refuge for wildlife and migratory birds, and the coastal walk that forms part of the greater Bicentennial Coastal Walk that connects Manly to Narrabeen.
For those who just want to sit back and soak up all that is Dee Why, The Strand offers a line-up of alfresco-style cafés and restaurants which overlook the coastline. For a bit of spice, head to Dee Why Junction along Pittwater Road for its mouth-watering eateries that serve Himalayan, Afghan, Indian and Lebanese cuisines. The bustling junction is also home to big name brand and specialty stores that are brimming with shoppers.
With all this and so much more, there is no denying that Dee Why is on the up and up.
DEE WHY BEACH  Bustling year-round, Dee Why Beach has an unbeatable surf culture, rockpools, a promenade and parkland that comes complete with a fenced-in playground.
GIRDLER’S CAFE  This chic airy café has won the hearts of locals – simple, healthy and 100% organic food, a frozen yoghurt range and coffee beans, The All Good
SPLICE BOUTIQUE  From casual wear to bespoke accessories, this Northern Beaches fashion boutique in nearby Freshwater is home to some of Australia’s most sought-after labels.
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Words by Margaret Quilter, Photography by Sitchu