Posted 04 Nov 16

The Home Selling Process

Get a few key points right from the get-go and the rest will flow

Choosing to sell your home and what is probably your biggest asset, is a daunting task. But by making sure you have all the various elements of the selling process aligned, you will be on the right path to achieving a great sale price.

Do your research

Familiarise yourself with the market that you’re looking to sell into. How much stock is on the market and how fast is it moving? How much are homes like yours selling for? Attend auctions in your area. Check auction clearance rates and speak to local experts.

Choosing an agent

An agent can make or break any campaign so invest the time in finding the right agent for you. Avoid choosing an agent solely on who charges the least. Rather, choose one who offers the most value and has the required skill set, especially during the negotiation stages. This could boost your final sale price.

Prepare your home for sale

Before making any changes to your property, seek advice from your agent. This could save you a lot of time and money. If budget permits, enlist a stylist to ensure your home is presented in the best possible light.

On the market

Your agent will work as the mediator between you and potential buyers, hosting open homes, liaising with building inspectors, helping to negotiate a private treaty sale or when the time comes, running auction day.


Once your property is exchanged, lawyers and banks will ensure both parties meet their financial requirements before settlement day – the day that you will relinquish your property to the new owners.

Before you do anything to your property, have an agent look through. We’ve seen copious amounts of money invested in properties that haven’t delivered the return on investment. For example, removing a tree may be a waste of money as the tree may be advantageous. Agents are well versed in what features prospective buyers are looking for, so always seek their opinion on how to enhance your property first.  Best way to achieve a great outcome on the sale of your home is by selecting the right:
  1. agent
  2. brand associated with property
  3. marketing strategy
  4. campaign method
Get all four elements right and you’ll get a great result. Get one wrong and it can be detrimental to the sale of your property.
Margaret Quilter