Posted 08 Nov 17

Five tips if you’re selling over the holidays

As we head into the festive season vendors start to question whether they should sell before the Christmas break or hold off until the new year when buyers are refocused. Traditionally, the holiday season tends to be a quiet time for real estate with many businesses closing down or on skeleton staff. But that is not to say you shouldn’t sell or buy over December/January. Quite the opposite.
There are benefits to selling during this time. Sales agents have a sense of urgency to close transactions before the Christmas break, leaving enough time for settlement before school goes back. There is less competition, enabling you to take advantage of an early February auction to capitalise on buyer enthusiasm. Typically, buyers who are looking for a property during December/January are serious about purchasing and this could result in a quick sale.
Here are our five tips to ensure you capitalise on this time of year.
  • Engage a sales agent who is highly motivated, knowledgeable about your local market, and most importantly, who is available throughout this period.
  • Ensure you have the right resources in place. Know the availability of any tradespeople and professional services (solicitors, conveyancers and brokers) you will need during this time.
  • Have a clear strategy as demand for property during this time can vary greatly from area to area. If you are in a lifestyle destination (coastal or regional), this may be the best time to capitalise on visitors dreaming of a lifestyle change.
  • Include social media and real estate portals advertising in your marketing campaign as people have more time to browse during the holiday period.
  • Speak with your sales agent about styling your property for open for inspections. What type of festive decorations (if any) should be displayed?
Words by Margaret Quilter