Posted 15 Dec 17

Designer Wardrobes: Transform the way you live

Crafting beautifully designed bespoke wardrobes is a very familiar process for Poliform’s senior design consultant, David Cross. There are so many ways to store, hang and display personal clothing and accessories. Choosing the right design and detailing for your space will have a long-lasting affect.
What is currently on trend?
With a wardrobe in the bedroom, we talk about hinged, sliding or coplanar doors, which is a new type of door that sits flush. To open they come out a little bit and then slide to the left or the right over the adjacent door. People are moving away from the built-in joinery look and towards freestanding bespoke furniture. This applies to all larger scale joinery, such as wardrobes, kitchens, audio visual or library joinery.
Clients that have space for a walk-in wardrobe usually have more room to play with, so we don’t have to stack the storage up quite as efficiently as we would in a smaller wardrobe. Because it’s open you’re seeing the clothing, so we focus on the linear look where you get that horizontal run of drawers running through the low spaces so everything is pulling out to you. Above that there are neat rows of clothing.
The top considerations when choosing a wardrobe?
After working out what size wardrobe we can fit into the room or space, an incredible amount of detail goes into selecting the specific types of storage. The choice of ways to store your goods is extraordinary. For example, I have multiple ways to deal with ties, belts and different style of handbags.
For you, what is a wardrobe must have?
Everything below waist height is ideally pull out – a drawer style operation. That is a purely functional must have that becomes more relevant as you move through life. A nice little luxe thing is to be able to have criss-cross dividers in the top drawer so that you have little spaces for cufflinks, watches or small paraphernalia that ends up not being seen or used.
Your number one wardrobe hack?
Permanently adjustable heights for hanging. Clothing changes all the time with fashion and age. The single best thing you can do is have the hanging rail connected to the shelf which is adjustable.
What is your advice to people looking to buy a wardrobe?
Remember how important it is for perspective buyers of your property. If the quality of the infrastructure is high enough in bathrooms, wardrobes and kitchens, you will get more interest in your property and you will make money, particularly if it is a high-end brand.  It’s also about not making cheap choices that end up in landfill. If your wardrobe is at a high enough quality, it will last at least 50 years.
Words by Margaret Quilter, Photography by Poliform