Posted 18 Jul 18


A breed of real estate agents that work for the buyer rather than the seller, Buyer’s Agents not only simplify the purchasing process, they offer expertise, access and flexibility that buyers have been craving.
Well-equipped to take on any brief, Buyer’s Agents can manage the entire buying process or simply negotiate on your behalf – a service that first homebuyers as well as seasoned investors are using to their advantage. One of Belle Property’s most established Buyer’s Agents, Brady Yoshia, works with buyers every day to secure the right property. She talks about the ins-and-outs of Buyer’s Agents and their services.

What does a Buyer’s Agent do?

Buyer’s Agents work exclusively for the buyer, searching, locating, evaluating and negotiating the purchase of property on their behalf. The key difference between a Sales Agent and a Buyer’s Agent is that a Sales Agent aims to achieve the highest possible price for the vendor, whereas we aim to achieve the best possible property and price for the buyer.
Our services cover the entire process from initial search through to auction bidding and post settlement. We bring everything to the table, including sourcing off-market properties and quiet listings, scanning current stock and viewing all suitable properties, personally updating the client every 24–48 hours. We make the property journey simple and fun.

Describe the type of clients your work for?

As the market shifts, people are becoming more comfortable using a Buyer’s Agent. The people who reach out for our services are typically anxious that they are not accessing all the properties available, especially properties that are off-market or pre-market. They are time poor, concerned they will overpay, are uncomfortable with bidding at auction or worried they will keep missing out on properties.
We also help clients build their property investment portfolio and purchase property for their self-managed super funds. We work with a very wide and varied clientele.

When engaging a Buyer’s Agent, what skills and experience should people look for?

 Look at their experience and the recent properties they’re purchased. What are their negotiating skills like? Look at client references and speak to those who have used their services. A red flag is someone who wants to rush the process or keeps presenting you with properties that don’t fit your brief. A good Buyer’s Agent has to have good listening skills and truly understand what you are looking for.

Do Buyer’s Agents only buy within their group’s network?

Not at all. We have access to, and we will buy, from other real estate agencies. We are not exclusive to Belle Property listings.
If you would like more information on Belle Property Buyer Advisory service, click here.
Words by Margaret Quilter