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Fiona Biondi

Director of Client Services, Belle Property Head Office


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Fiona and her partner Peter Hanscomb (Belle Property CEO) are firmly united in their vision and goals for the company, including the strategic expansion of client services and constant innnovation in the way Belle Property markets real estate.

Since purchasing Belle Property in 2007, Fiona and Peter have sought to create an environment where high calibre agents are able to achieve their greatest level of success through professional development and ongoing support.

Now one of the fastest growing groups in Australia, Belle Property is the industry's leading boutique brand and winner of the prestigious REB Boutique Network of the Year Award in 2013, 2014 and 2015.

Fiona and Peter lead a passionate corporate support team, with Fiona's role centred on people and culture. She is deeply committed to ensuring Belle Property provides a truly extraordinary service to every client. "How we make people feel is of the utmost importance and sets us apart", Fiona says.

With 18 years' experience in real estate, Fiona applies her extensive business knowledge and lifelong passion for property to her work every day. A qualified interior designer, she is obsessed with creating beautiful spaces and loves being involved in the design of new offices. She also created the digital interior design schemes for Belle Property's exclusive project marketing visualisation software.

Fiona has worked in Europe, Asia and South America and is proud of her language skills in Italian, French and Portuguese.

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